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Building Seven – Node Knockout 2016

Node Knockout is back this year after a hiatus!

I’ve participated in this hackathon before and wanted to make sure I don’t miss it this year. We quickly created a team called LOBAR (A play on lodash and underscore). This year our team only had 3 members: @rickycodes, @darcyclarke and me!

We embarked on a journey to build a web app called Seven. The purpose of the app is to allow developers to share a bit of their lives through video.

You can see a “demo” of this in this YouTube video.

The concept is simple; You’re allowed only seven videos that are seven seconds in length. That’s it. You can upload more but every time you do your oldest video is removed.

Your timeline is filled up with videos that are from other developers you follow on GitHub.

You can see the initial designs / mock ups of the app below:

Seven Features

At the moment the hackathon servers are down, so sadly the application is not live. However we are working on ideas to “graduate” Seven from a hackathon project to a live web app. If you have any questions about Seven or Node Knockout feel free to tweet @ me and ask!

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