Vlad Filippov

Vlad Filippov

software engineer / web dev / open source hacker

BrazilJS 2017

BrazilJS – biggest JavaScript conference in the world.

I just got back from speaking at BrazilJS! I was there on behalf of Mozilla DevRel with other speakers from Mozilla. It was one of the best trips ever and I want to thank all organizers and volunteers for making this event happen.

You can watch a quick post-conference trailer below:

I gave a talk about history and future of 3D on the Web. It was great to make new friends in Brazil, besides very strong developers, there is a lot of love for JavaScript there. The local Mozilla tech speakers and volunteers were very hardworking and did an amazing job keeping everyone welcome at the event.  Mozilla also organized a quick 3D / VR A-Frame workshop before the conference. It was exciting to see attendees try out WebVR demos, for most of them it was the first time trying out VR!

The Mozilla both included free coffee, VR demos and more! Some photos of that below:

Free Coffee!

Free Coffee!


All the Firefox things!

If you would like to learn more about the Brazil JS conference make sure to visit: https://braziljs.org/conf/.