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Vlad Filippov

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3D Worlds with voxel.js at the jQuery Conference

I recently gave a talk about voxel.js at the amazing jQuery Conference in Austin! I really enjoyed this event and would like to thank the jQuery Foundation for making it happen.

My talk slides are embedded below:

My session concluded with a demo of Blockplot modified to work with the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset.

The demo uses an OculusBridge helper app to send Oculus VR headset events to the browser. In this case, Chrome needs to run fullscreen at 1280×800 resolution. At this resolution it is possible to view the rendered WebGL context using the special Three.js OculusCamera.

The demo also used the voxel-gamepad module to add HTML5 Gamepad support to the Blockplot view.


Thanks to everyone to attended the session and participated in the demos!