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Firefox OS Images & Recovery for Keon + ZTE Open

Here are a few useful notes that will hopefully help you with your new Firefox OS device!

Flashing Geeksphone devices

  • Download an existing image from Geeksphone Downloads Page
  • Extract the zip download.
  • Note: you need ADB (Android SDK installed, to have commands such as adb andfastboot available), right now Geeksphone ships adb and fastboot with their images.
  • Note: if you use .xz packed builds, extract .xz you might need XZ.pkg for OS X, extract it using: xz file.tar.xz, then untar it using OS X.

Quick Firmware Flash On A Mac


Quick Firmware Flash On Windows


Quick Firmware Flash On Linux


Expanded Instructions

  • run adb devices, should list [YOUR DEVICE NAME] (Keon would say full_keon)
  • adb reboot bootloader, this will restart the phone.
  • The phone should reboot and say “Geeksphone”, then if you try ‘fastboot devices’ it should say full_keon in the list.
  • fastboot instructions:
    • If you want to erase user data: fastboot flash userdata userdata.img
    • fastboot flash system system.img – flashes system files
    • fastboot flash recovery recovery.img – flashes recovery files
    • fastboot erase cache
    • fastboot reboot – reboot the phone
  • This should be it! Don’t forget to enable Remote Debugging again after you flashed the new ROM.

Want to install a custom ROM or root the ZTE Open?

To install custom firmware on the ZTE Open you first need to root it.

Follow the guide by Pau Oliva Fora to get your phone rooted.

Now find an existing image for the ZTE Open, or build B2G configured with inari as the device.

Bricked ZTE Open?

If you can’t get your ZTE Open to work after an update, press VOLUME DOWN + POWERto get into recovery. Now you need to download Update package of Android GB for OPEN device from http://firefox.ztems.com/. This will recover your phone by installing Android on it. Then you can go from there and flash Firefox OS on it.