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Vlad Filippov

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PyCon Canada – Prototyping with App Engine


I gave a talk on Prototyping with App Engine at PyCon Canada 2012! Google App Engine is an exciting platform to develop web apps for and there are always new features to talk about. The goal of my presentation was to show how easy it is to start developing with App Engine and how to quickly build prototypes using this framework. Besides all that, I also wanted to share my experience with various REST frameworks that can be handy during development, such as App Engine REST Server and Google Cloud Endpoints.

Here are the slides from my presentation:

Additional Resources

These links will help you get more detail on topics from my presentation:

Thanks to PyCon Canada!

The conference organizer did an amazing job hosting the conference. Also, I am very happy to see so many Canadian start-ups support and sponsor these kinds of events.

The next big Python conference is PyCon 2013 in Santa Clara, California in March, 2013!