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Tech & Developer Events in 2012

I wanted to share a list of interesting technology and web development events happening in 2012! Let’s jump right in:

Web Development

jQuery UK Conference

February 10

Finally a jQuery conferences in the UK! A great set of speakers and a fancy website, check it out.



April 2 – 3

JSConf is one of the most exciting and cutting edge technical conferences ever and it’s all about JS – what could be better? This year we put on our boots, saddle up our horses, and head out to that crazy little town with the epic western feel and perfect JSConf vibe, Scottsdale, Arizona!



April 23 – 25

FITC Toronto 2012 is a three day event. This year most of the event will be focused on HTML5 and Digital Art. Previously this was a serious Adobe Flash event, but it’s all different this year.

Ping me if you’re going to be at FITC and we can meet up!



Summer 2012

Texas JavaScript conference. A packed day full of JavaScript goodness with amazing speakers!


Google I/O

June 27 – 29

One of my favourite large conferences! This year Google added an extra day to the conference, making this an epic 3-day event. This conference has sessions about all of Google’s developer tools and APIs. Besides the sessions, the keynotes ussually unveil new products and technologies.



nodeConf is happening sometime this year! Even though there are no set dates yet expect this event to be sold out momentarily.


jQuery Boston & San-Francisco

Fall (Boston) / Spring (SF)

Another favourite! The jQuery project does an amazing job hosting these events.


Apple’s legendary developer conference. If you’re a developer, you know WWDC for sure! There are no details about this evert for this year yet, but expect a lot of iOS announcements this year.




International Consumer Electronics Show always brings new gadgets to life. A packed event which is not even open to regular public. World’s biggest manufacturers show off their new technologies, besides that there are lots of interesting gadgets from smaller companies.

January 10-13


Mobile World Congress

February 27 – March 1

MWC is a huge event for new mobile devices, with dozens of new devices are ussually announced at this event. MWC has been really exciting in the last couple of years, due to Android and new manufacturers entering the market.


I’ll try to keep this list updated and maybe add more events to the post later.

Have an event that you think I should add to the list? Let me know!